Meet Our Team

Yosef Lee, Esq.

Managing Principal

Yosef is an attorney who is substantially knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of civil litigation with special concentration on liability insurance alternate dispute resolution and trial. His legal practice extends to real estate deals whereby he represented S. Korean foreign syndicated private equity funds purchasing luxury condominium apartments in New York City.

In regard to investing in multifamily real estate, Yosef focuses on acquiring 50 to 120-unit multifamily apartments that are underperforming which can be repositioned to increase the net operating income. He is exceptionally efficient in underwriting, due diligence, strategic planning, negotiations, and investor/partner relations.

Being well versed with the legal and entrepreneurial competencies, Yosef has deservedly earned investors’ trust, both institutional and private. Throughout his career, he has formed vibrant network of people that includes a group of high net worth individuals and high-income earning professionals seeking to deploy their capital in cash flowing real estate investments. Syndicro & Partners Capital was founded with a vision of serving the needs. 

He is licensed to practice law in the States of New York, New Jersey and Florida. He is also a licensed Real Estate Broker in New York. He is most passionate about resolving conflicts and challenges, attaining financial freedom and control, and helping others reach the same. He is a father of two beautiful girls, Taliah and Adiah. He loves arts, music and performance, and he likes to be involved in community works. He is currently a member of Jake & Gino Wheel Barrow Profit Group and MIH Mastermind Group. He co-hosts Multifamily Investors Network Meet-up in NY and co-hosts Multifamily and More Meet-up in Kansas City.

Jay has over 15 years of diverse and progressive experience in Information Technology in a healthcare environment as a Technology Solutions Manager. Jay is in charge of training and educating over 300 staffs to help them adopt the modern-day new technology. 

He is exceptionally skilled in identifying existing recurring tasks and re-structuring the entire process through automation to maximize efficiency and streamline processes. 

As a strategic investment partner, Jay focuses on underwriting deals using a professional real estate financial modeling. From his IT engineering background, Jay applies the new IT technology into multifamily investing and deal structuring to enhance team’s efficiency and investor’s satisfaction.

Jay began investing in single family homes since 2018, and now focuses on acquiring and invsesting in cash-flowing multifamily assets. Jay is also a member of MIH Mastermind, multifamily investors group. He is a father of two energetic sons, and he loves to spend quality time with his family. That’s what motivates Jay to hustle 24/7.

Jay Yoo

Strategic Investment Partner

Albert Lee

Acquisition Specialist

As an acquisitions specialist, Albert is responsible for lead generation and following up through daily CRM use to update and stay on top of the list. He finds and analyzes the potential deals working closely with our underwritng team.  Albert also works as an airline pilot in one of the major airline in the US. He has been flying since 2013 accumulating many experiences operating flights both domestically and internationally. His work environment, where it requires lots of decision makings and teamwork in various situations, shaped him to become an exceptional team player at Syndicro & Partners Capital.He enjoys helping people through volunteer and sharing knowledge. He participates in different organizations including: Feeding South Florida (FSF) Food Bank, Red-cross, Professional Asian Pilots Association, and ALPA. He has a social goal to help more single parent families and orphans in the future with providing easily accessible information and education. On his personal time, he enjoys traveling all over the world to explore new cultures and people.

Meet Our Board of Advisors and Partners

Gino Barbaro
Co-founder of Jake & Gino
Jake Stenziano
Co-Founder of Jake & Gino
Marco Barbaro
Co-founder of MIH Mastermind
Hadar Orkibi
Co-Founder of MIH Mastermind
Thomas Mulhall
Finance Advisor
Paramount Advisory
Investment/Syndication Advisor